¡A la calle!

Get out of Here!

It is a short film made and produced by Vidal Pueyo, it´s explores the professional and personal relationships.

Has served its creator as a mechanism for research and exploration of what it´s necessary to generate a complete transmedia project, getting involved from its concept to its final development.

maqueta a la calle


Enrique and Carmen are partner.

One Monday, they both meet in Carmen´s office. What begins as a simple workplace confrontation ends up revealing a painful secret.


Get out of Here! / Vidal Pueyo






After its distribution route, we decided to publish the short film in open. To be seen and to give of what to speak and what to think.


From the production crew we are grateful to the companies that like “Factoría de Video”, “Afianza Asesores”, “Exit Consultores”, “Three Key Studio”, “Trazos Infografía”, “Mad Doctor”,”Indie Cinema” y “A.D.J. Proyectos Audiovsuales” put their trust in us, supporting us.
Even more grateful if it´s possible, to the human team that has made the project a reality today. From the actors Ángela Boj y Gonzalos Navas, through the production team and filmmaking, con Ruben Ángel Lopez, Ana Alonso, Juan Pérez o Clara Martín. And of course the technical team, who got into both the being and the entire post-production process. How as Paco Piquero, Lin Chan Gamero, Chule Espada, Roland de Middel Puch, Zaida Gimenez, Alberto Ruíz o Diego Conde, among many others, allowed the project to grow and develop. Thank you very much to all.